Top 10 Musicians In Liberia 2018

Deng Net Worth

Who Is The Richest Musician In Liberia 2018? Liberia Musicians standard of living has improve as compared to previous years which is a plus to the Entertainment Industry. In fact, there has been an increase in most of our Liberian musician’s performance fees compared to 2014-2016.

Ever wondered how much your favorite Liberian artist bags home after a performance? It’s not secret, Liberian musician make some real money especially if they get a lot of bookings. We did some digging online and put together this list of the playing fees of some of our musical faves. Start saving those pennies guys!

  1. Bucky Raw Net Worth

Bucky Raw Net Worth

Number 5 on our list is Bucky Raw a liberian HIP/HOP and Trapco Rapper who was previously based in America but currently resides in his motherland liberia.From close sources Bucky collects not less then 800$ USD for an events.

  1. Christoph The Change 1000$ Usd

Christoph The Change 1000$ Usd

Base on our research Christoph The Change demands as high as 1000$ USD to perform at an event however the Artiste of late have been seen performing at very few events. Many event organizers believe his charges are high and their capital regain is most often less if they headline him alone on a show making them to go in for other Artistes. But the Top Liberian HipCo Rapper remains in his lane because he highly believes his work deserves to be rewarded for nothing lower than 1000 $USD.

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