Richest Politicians in British Virgin Islands 2018 Top 10 Forbes List

Here’s a list of Top 10 Richest Politicians in British Virgin Islands and their Net Worth in 2018. High ministerial salaries is one of the hottest topics in British Virgin Islands. The World renowned ranking organization, Forbes, annual listing of billionaires, for three consecutive years, Bill Gates is still the richest man in the world with a net worth of $75 billion among 1,810 billionaires in the world – and among them were some politicians from British Virgin Islands too.

According to Forbes’ 2018, there are certain Politicians in British Virgin Islands, who are wealthy as they run certain business conglomerates. There are some politicians from British Virgin Islands who through their hard work, determination and persistence made a big fortune over time and are entitled the Richest Politician. They are seen to be among the richest politician in British Virgin Islands as they have built an empire that shapes the economy of S British Virgin Islands.

Well, we’ve collated information from a few sources, and present to you, as accurately as possible*, the top 7 richest politicians in British Virgin Islands – 2018.

  1. Ivan Dawson Net Worth – 7th Richest Politician in British Virgin Islands

Ivan Glasenberg Net Worth

Ivan Dawson Net Worth 2018: Following to the successful restoration of the Legislative Council of the British Virgin Islands in 1950, Dawson was elected as member for the Third District following general elections in 1957, 1960 and 1963. He was then elected as the member for the Second District in the 1967 general election, which introduced Ministerial rule in the British Virgin Islands, and he was appointed Minister for Natural Resources and Public Health. He later served as Deputy Speaker (1971-1975) and then Speaker (1975-1983) to the Legislative Council.

He was a founding member of the United Party. The Ivan Dawson Primary School and the Ivan Dawson Memorial Scholarship are named in his honour.

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