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Christina Ong Net Worth

Who is Christina Ong and what is Christina Ong Net Worth Salary and earnings 2018. How Christina Ong worth 2018 according to Forbes. The richest woman in Singapore as at year 2018 is Christina Ong. According to Forbes, she is the current richest woman in Singapore today.A look at Christina Ong Net Worth Salary Earning and Investments currently.The Malaysian couple currently residing in Singapore has had their wealth through diversified assets. Their biggest investment is their share in Mulberry, a well-known British handbag producer.

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Christina Ong Biography

Christina Ong Net Worth

Husband and wife Ong Beng Seng and Christina Ong are one of Singapore’s most influential couples. Ong is managing director of Singapore-listed Hotel Properties, which owns the Four Seasons and Hilton hotels in Singapore among much else.Christina runs Como Hotels & Resorts, retail empire Club 21 and London-listed handbag maker Mulberry.

Christina Ong Investments

The wealthiest women in Singapore are invested in diverse sectors and over the years have made a name for themselves as Wonder Women of Singapore. 2018 List of The Richest Women in Singapore and their Source Of Wealth

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Christina Ong Assets

Other assets of the couple include Hotel Properties Ltd, fashion retailer Club 21 as well as NSL, an industrial company that runs OBS. Meanwhile, Christina founded and operates the COMO Group, which includes the COMO Hotels and Resorts.

The couple also has their eyes on the Singapore Grand Prix and have stakes in Kuo International, an oil trading company ran by Peter Fu Chong Cheng, which is Christina’s brother. She is also Chairman to the National Parks Board and is one of the board members of Singapore Airlines.

These powerful women have increased the total of wealth within Singapore and have shown that men do not need to dominate the Singapore economic landscape.

Christina Ong & family | The 15 richest people in travel

Singaporean style mogul Christina Ong made millions in retail and property, but also owns the 14-strong hotel chain COMO. The first COMO hotel, COMO Shambhala in Bali (pictured), was born in 2000 out of her personal pursuit for a meaningful spa experience.

Daisy Finer, spa expert, said of the hotel: “The reigning queen of Bali, and a key player globally when it comes to destination spas. Few places do it better. The setting is knockout, the yoga top-notch and the fitness classes double as glorious sightseeing tours, incorporating cycle rides through the paddy fields and treks up smoking volcanoes.”

Christina Ong Estimated Net Worth Details 2017- 2018

Christina Ong 2017 Estimated Net Worth $1.2 billion
Christina Ong 2018 Estimated Net Worth $2 billion

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According to Forbes’ 2018 Christina Ong was last rated as having a net-worth of $2 billion. Based on our estimates, Christina Ong scores in the top percentile when it comes to other people in groups mentioned previously!

Christina Ong estimated net worth is $2 billion and she is ranked in the last at number 1 position in the list of top 10 richest women of Singapore 2018 as appeared in financial magazines such as Forbes and Bloomberg 2018.