2018 Richest Politician of Spain Top 10 Spanish Billionaires

Albert Rivera Net Worth US $ 52 million

Here’s a list of Top 10 Richest Politicians in Spain and their Net Worth in 2018.These individuals are said to be on the list of the top 10 Spanish Billionaires presently. These days, politicians are the richest people in Spain and they are also involve in business activities apart from politics. If you are very observant, then you would understand that most of the Spanish businesses are owned by either politicians or they have a share in them.

Wealthiest Spanish Billionaires High ministerial salaries is one of the hottest topics in Spain. It no longer news that the richest people in Spain today are politicians and one of the most asked question is “Who is the Richest Politician in Spain”? Spanish politicians are the richest people in the country today and the same is also applicable to most developing countries.

On the other hand, the richest people in the developed countries are not literally in the political class as they engage themselves in other things that brings them money. We are already aware that the richest people in Spain are politicians, that takes us to the question, who is a politician? Our main focus today is list out the top 10 richest politicians in Spain 2018 ranking. Here’s the top 10 richest politicians in Spain, according to Forbes.

  1. Raul Romeva Net Worth US $ 20 million

Raul Romeva Net Worth US $ 20 million

Who is Raul Romeva and what is Raul Romeva Net Worth Salary and earnings 2018. How much Raul Romeva worth 2018 according to Forbes. Raul Romeva is a Spanish politician and the former member the European parliament.Raul Romeva was the member of the foreign affairs committee of European parliament and also the member of the women’s rights and gender discriminations committee.

Raul Romeva served as the foreign affairs minister, institutional relation and transparency minister under the president of Carles Puigdemont id the Catalan government. Raul Romeva estimated net worth is US $ 20 million and he is ranked at No. 10 in the list of top 10 richest politicians of Spain as appeared in financial magazines such as Forbes and Bloomberg 2018.

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